Online Gospel Easter Night

3rd of April 2021

Sat. 3rd of April 2021 online

Gospel Easter Night

900 voices in your living room | Your gospel concert for Easter 2021

Sa. 3rd of April 8:00 pm Gospel Easter Night | online

We come home to your living rooms to celebrate with you a grandiose GOSPEL EASTER NIGHT.
So be there together with your family and loved ones and enjoy!

Celebrate YOUR Easter 2021 with a spectacular rousing online concert with the 900 voices strong Gospel Mass Choir_2019 under the direction of Hans Christian Jochimsen (DK), Derrick Starks (USA) and Carmen & Friedemann Wutzler (DE) together with international gospel soloists and band:

Nina Luna Eriksen, Anna Jochimsen, Laura Kjaergaard, Mette Risager (DK) - vocal
Angelique Starks, LaToya Ellis, Dennett Threlkeld-Cohn, Larry Callahan, Shawn Reed (USA) - vocal
Gospelflavours: Stefanie Bender, Deborah Fröhlich, Sarah Fügemann, Theresa Steinhäuser, Elisabeth Vollmer, Lina Ida Wutzler, Daniel Bülz, Matthias Richter, Albrecht Tetzner (DE) - vocal

Band: Mads Holm Andersen (DK) / Jalen White (USA) - keys | Konni Behrendt (DE) / Anthony Stanford (USA) - guitar | Toralf Schrader (DE) / Lamar Hall (USA) - bass | Florian Fügemann (DE) - percussion / Valentin Wutzler (DE) / James More (USA) - drums

special guests: Kompanie Himmelstänzerin - Vertikaltuchartistik / Aerial silks

The stream is available for 60 hours from sat 3rd of April 8 pm Berlin time (2 pm Detroit time) until Monday, April 5. But the ticket sale ends on Sat. 3rd of April 6 pm Berlin time (12 am Detroit time)

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Single ticket 19 EUR
Partner-Ticket (for 2 persons) 29 EUR
Family-Ticket 39 EUR
Artist supporter ticket 49 EUR

Get your ticket in time - Order online here   |  The ticket sale ends on Sat. April 3rd 6 pm Berlin time / 12 am Detroit time
The concert starts at 8 pm Berlin time / 2 pm Detroit time

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Watch the video and tune in...

With every ticket you buy, you support the future of this extraordinary festival, which has given strength to so many people, as well as the musicians/artists/event technicians who are suffering financially and existentially from the current situation. MANY THANKS!

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